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Consulting and Trading

We create innovative Approaches in the field of technical and economical Planning and implement them in our Cross-Industry Projects. Our advanced services in Process Engineering, Projects in Innovation and Management are part of our Efficient and sustainable Solutions and Lead to long-term results. We work with various Contractors such as Universities for technical and economical aspects and experienced Companies in Process Engineering, Experts of Solid-Liquid-Separation Technology, Filter Clothes,  Sales Enablement Strategies for Sales and Marketing and Offer versatile Solutions. Based on our extensive experience, we offer our customers complete packages from Pfau-tech. We are at your side with regard to Services, Project Management, Sales and Marketing Coaching, Process Engineering through to Commissioning and Trouble shooting in order to save costs. Pfau-tech will be the interface between Customers and suppliers to speed up the processes and save costs and time. In addition, we support various suppliers and customers as key account and business strategy manager to be present in new markets. The challenge of the Sales Management staff is growing and is a big hurdle. Therefore, we need a lot of discipline and interpersonal communication to be successful. The growth of a company shows innovation and challenge in order to actively support customers. Our experience is very diverse and this is crystallized in our Logo Peacock.

Pfau-tech market various technologies such as Cyclones, Pumps, Vavles, Filter-Clothes for Solid-Liquid-Separation Equipments,  Filter presses, , Clarifier and Thickener, Steel and plastic containers, complete Flocculation Aid Stations, Valves and Instrumentation for steam, condensate as well as for Suspension, Completely Instrumentation including Automation technology and Programming, Complete laboratory equipment with Robotics for measuring Ph-value, Titration, Particle size measurement, In-situ particle size measurement for diverse applications to save costs and time. 


“We work closely with a variety of clients, providing them with exceptional consulting services tailored specifically to their needs. Pfau-tech offer various concepts of different groundbreaking Technologies knowlege in the current VUCA-World and wanted to improve the World with you. Only together we can change the World.”


“We will not be able to create a Sustainability Structure for Humanity alone. Let us walk this path together to improve the Mindset of Humankind and the Environment so that our Children will be better off.”

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