PCV – pumps, cyclone, valves of FLSmidth

KREBS® slurry pumps

The original millMAX pump revolutionised the slurry pump industry with the initial patented suction side anti-recirculation device. This feature gained rapid acceptance in the mining industry, enabling FLSmidth to expand the range of KREBS® pumps to what it is today.

The range now encompasses metal, rubber and urethane-lined pumps, including high head, high efficiency, high pressure, vertical cantilever and recessed impeller options.

The nature of slurry pumping requires excellent availability of spare parts. To provide the support our customers need and expect, we manufacture in several locations and have warehousing in many countries and regions. The right part at the right time and at the right location is essential to our customers, and therefore, to us.

 KREBS® cyclones

Since 1952, our advanced hydrocyclone technology has evolved to the latest generation KREBS® gMAX cyclone with patented geometry enhancements, providing high throughput and industry-leading performance. The finer and sharper separations resulting from these improvements benefit processes from hard rock mining, coal, pulp & paper, chemicals, power (FGD), and much more.

As we constantly expand usage of advanced engineered wear materials, we continually extend the life of our cyclones, thus reducing maintenance requirements and lowering total cost of ownership. Combined with unique condition monitoring solutions, the performance of downstream processes is also enhanced, reducing unscheduled downtime and increasing plant production.

 KREBS® slurry valves

Customers from around the world are familiar with our long history of manufacturing quality equipment and the KREBS® Technequip Valves are no exception to the rule.

Our KREBS® Technequip valves are designed as a premium heavy-duty slurry valve that can measure up to the most demanding applications. The full range of slurry valve styles and options we have available give us the flexibility to ensure you get a product that is well suited for your specific needs.

Benefits, delivered

We believe that providing our customers with solutions that generate sustainable productivity benefits requires more than just industry-leading products. It requires a team of passionate people dedicated to making your operations a success.

To fulfil our customers’ needs, we have a large team of experienced service engineers employed to constantly monitor performance and train the customers’ maintenance personnel. Thanks to our worldwide sales and service networks, KREBS® products are now accepted in all mining regions.

Particle Measurement – Scope of PAT Sensors

Sequip offers sensors which can measure  dispersions, for as long as they are visible under a microscope. All measures are doable in-situ (during production) and in real-time. Results can be used for QA and product development.

1.  In-situ real-time measurement substitutes sample testing with a permanent supervision of your production.

2. On step through Industry 4.0 for your company

3. Everything in one place: Results are shown inside of our software which allows easy access to analyzable data.

4. Ensuring a production close to the operational optimum.

5. Return on investment through optimized production with minimized risks of failures in production.

6. Ensuring permanent quality control by using the product specific calibrated measurements.

7. All measurement data may be used for future developing your products.

Together, we offer a great transfer of Process Engineering know-how in Crystallization and Evaporation, pharmaceutical and Battery recycling industries to provide you with strong support. We are looking forward to your inquiries.

Fully Automatic Laboratory Systems

Pfau-tech Partner is a company that works with the respective customer to develop individual solutions for sample analysis. We develop and deliver complete semi and fully automatic solutions for laboratory systems from preparation to fully integrated analysis. Through our years of experience in automation, we improve the quality and precision of analysis data and the efficiency in every laboratory.

Development & Construction 

Due to our many years of experience in the field of individual development of machines, we can fall back on our specialized team that can implement all customer requests quickly and competently.

Prototypes & Small Series

Thanks to our modular structure and our software, which was specially developed for this application, it is also possible to implement prototypes and small series efficiently and cost-effectively.

Fully Automated Labs

Large, fully automated systems with or without robots have been part of our product range for many years. Even complex processes can be implemented flexibly and promptly with everyone in a short time.

Industry Sectors

  • Oil Analysis: In the field of oil analysis, many automation systems in the field of particle detection, viscosity, element determination, titration and particle quantification have emerged over the years.
  • Enviromental Analytics: In environmental analysis, ever higher quality and process control is required. Pfau-tech is your partner for automated sample preparation systems.
  • Wet Chemistry: Wet chemical processes are one of our core competencies. We draw on several years of experience in handling substances of concern.

Pfau-tech offers different application areas to present you the best concept. Just contact us to look for possible solutions with you. We have various technological experiences such as automation technology, programming, robotics and much more and offer you everything from a single source.

Matec Industries, the worldwide leader in design, manufacturing, and installation of water filtration plants for solid / liquid separation and process tailing management systems.

We are experienced in mining process water recovery, concentrate filtration, dry stacking tailings process integration and washing equipment.

As the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), we deliver projects on an engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) approach and can provide complete turnkey solutions from the design to the installation and after-sales project services.

Filtration & Separation of Suspensions

For 20 years now NIKIFOS has been focusing on the developend of Innovative, User-Friendly and Powerful Software for the Filtration & Separation of Suspensions (see Software FILOS, CENTRISTAR, FILASTRA, CYCLONPLUS) and on providing professional Suport to the customers. 

Software Support

Our high competence, recognition and trust by already many companies it is not only due to the powerful, user friendly, practice oriented and reliable programs but also because of our professional support. Pfau-tech and Prof. Nicolaou is your direct contact person and helps you at any time via visiting you at your place or via video conference, Email or phone call.


We offer at your place a short course in Solid-Liquid Separation (for one, two or three days). The contents of the course can be adjusted to your needs. Our slogan is: “Understand Solid-Liquid Separation and learn how to effectively face Solid-Liquid Separation problems”. The long teaching experience, the practice oriented approach with examples and the vivid presentations of Prof. Nicolaou is a guarantee for a highly effective course.


We offer you our Support for any Solid-Liquid Separation project. Prof. Dr. Nicolaou, with his more than 30-years focused research and practice experience on this field, is a guarantee for an effective, reliable and quick solution of your Solid-Liquid Separation problem. We can visit you at your place or we can discuss the problem via video conference or phone and exchange data via Email. We do our Best so that you have maximal benefit at low costs.