Wolfgang Strahl

Wolfgang Strahl has been working in Plant Engineering for over 40 years, especially in centrifuges and decanters. In the past, he has worked for Sharples, Flottweg and even Siebtechnik. He is very familiar with Process Engineering, Automation technology, Trouble-Shooting, Commissioning of complex systems and has been active worldwide.


(testing of new products, regarding of all centrifuges types
(ii) trials with Siebtechnik centrifuges in lab and on customer site
(iii) pre commissioning and commissioning of all types of Centrifuges
(iv) optimizing of running centrifuges on customer site
 (v) Troubleshooting on all centrifuges

Key Experience

(i) 11 years Service and process engineer „Sharples “ Decanter, Screen Centrifuges ,
1.  Peeler Centrifuges, worldwide
Key Branche: waste water treatment, petrochemical industrie, gas tight applications, food & dairy;
(ii) 8 years Service and process engineer „Flottweg“ Centrifuges“ Decanter, Belt Presses, Separators for
2. Western Europe;
Key Branche: waste water treatment, petrochemical industrie, three phase separation, gas tight
applications, food & dairy; for West Germany
(iii) 13 years Process Engineer „ Siebtechnik“ Centrifuges Worldwide
(IV) Languages: German, English

Ponnappa Cheranda

Ponnappa Cheranda has more than 12 years of experience in Plant Engineering, especially crystallisation and evaporation plants from complete processes, equipment, calculation of any apparatus, sales support to project management. He was also Senior Process Manager of several projects and his experience is excellent, which we are certainly very proud of. Ponnappa has been able to learn a lot during his time at GEA Group as well as VDMA and is ready to strongly support Pfau-tech and customers. 

In future, I will be responsible for current projects as a Consultant. Ponnappa will support clients in project implementation, commissioning, trouble-shooting, consultant advisor to innovative projects. He is familiar with process flow diagrams, I&C technology, project management, knows different suppliers and their prices.